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Mother’s Day Gift Plant Guide

In our Mother's Day Gift Guide, we'll explore a collection of beautiful and easy-to-care-for plants [...]

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In this Father's Day gift guide, we'll explore a variety of plants that make perfect [...]

Plants & gifts delivered Australia-wide: Natures Colours is expanding!

Natures Colours is now offering gift and plant delivery all over Australia!

Sympathy gift plants to show your love and support

Here are a few ideas for thoughtful sympathy gifts that will let them know you [...]

The best appreciation gifts for teachers and carers

The festive season is the perfect time of the year to show your appreciation for [...]

Share the love with our plant gift delivery in Sydney

Share the love with our plant gift delivery in Sydney. A living plant gift is [...]

Low Maintenance Indoor Plants for Beginners?

Our top recommendations of low-maintenance indoor plants for beginners

Plant Care: How to care for your indoor plants in winter?

As we’re nearing Australia’s winter months, humans are not the only ones who will feel [...]

Treat Mum and Mother Earth this Mother’s Day!

This Mother’s Day, why not choose living gift plants that will continue brightening her life [...]

Looking for gift ideas? Send a succulent gift plant!

When it comes to finding the right gift for birthdays, anniversaries and special celebrations, succulents [...]

Celebrate the festive season with loved ones (and lots of plants)

At Natures Colours, we embraced the challenges 2020 presented and worked hard to grow our [...]

Pet-friendly indoor plants to get for your house

When it comes to gardening, people often tend to forget that certain plants are poisonous [...]

Celebrate Spring with Natures Colours

Happy Spring! It’s a new season with new possibilities and room to grow — not [...]

Send a housewarming gift that grows

Celebrate new beginnings with the gift of life and warmth. Explore our collection of housewarming [...]

What are the benefits of sending corporate plant gift

Sending plants as corporate gifts are meaningful, versatile and creative.

Plant Care: How to propagate plants in water?

Propagating your plants at home is a fun and exciting way to up your gardening [...]

Plants to Help You Celebrate This Christmas

Christmas is a time of giving and there is so much to be thankful for. [...]

Plant Care: How to remove houseplant pests?

If you find any pests on your plants, it's important to begin treatment immediately as [...]

Plant Care: How to fertilise my indoor plants?

Indoor plants grown in pots require fertilising to replenish the nutrients in its soil. The [...]

Plant Care: How to get the right humidity level?

Most plants require humid air to flourish. Humidity affects a plant’s need for water and [...]

Plant Care: How much light do my plants need?

Every plant is an individual, and to fulfil its functions, it needs a specific level [...]

Natures Colours Plants & Gifts: New Look

We have gone through a huge makeover here at Natures Colours and we are so [...]

Plant Care: How to clean my indoor plants?

You will eventually notice your indoor plants accumulating dust on the foliage over time. This [...]

Plant Care: How to repot my plants?

If you notice your plant looking extremely large for the pot, where the roots are [...]

Plant Care: How to water my plants?

When it comes to keeping plants alive and thriving, the biggest problem is overwatering. Here [...]

Benefits of having Indoors Plants in Office Setting

What are the benefits of having indoor plants? As humans, we indeed have an innate [...]

Plants for World Mental Health Day

Roll up your sleeves and get planting this World Mental Health Day. It’s time for [...]

EcoPots – The EcoPots Evolution

EcoPots are a natural-looking plastic pot or planter made from recycled plastics.

How to choose plants for your space?

So you’ve got a place you want to fill with plants; to bring some greenery [...]

Send live plants as gift this Valentine’s Day

If you want to make an impact and get your beau’s heart beating faster, send [...]

7 Best-Selling and Popular Indoor Plants

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