Celebrate the festive season with loved ones (and lots of plants)

Celebrate the festive season with loved ones (and lots of plants) with holiday plants at Natures Colours

We can’t believe it’s already time to prep for the holiday season. This year has flown by, and what a year it has been! At Natures Colours, we embraced the challenges 2020 presented and worked hard to grow our business. As we approach the end of the year, it’s a great blessing to reflect on the past months and see how far we have come.

Every plant we nurture and send out into the world is celebrated because we know that it will brighten someone’s day and play its role in a greener, more sustainable world. We are extremely grateful to be enjoying the holiday season with the lovely Natures Colours community and will continue to bring you to the plant love in the new year! Keep reading if you need Christmas gift ideas and tips on caring for your plants while you may be away on holiday.

how to keep indoor plants alive when on holiday

Go green with Christmas gifts this year

Finding the perfect personalised gift for your friends, family and co-workers is a tough task. Luckily, we have the answer to all your gift-buying problems! There is no better gift than a living gift: it’s green and sustainable, loved by everyone, suited for all personal and interior styles, and can be tailored to your budget. If you want to gift something other than a plant, you can’t go wrong with this locally crafted artisanal candle made from a reclaimed wine bottle and soy wax. Or what about the handmade premium chocolate range from Winnow Chocolates using locally-sourced organic and fair-trade ingredients? The Christmas edition of these mouthwatering chocolates is wrapped in beautiful festive wrapping — ready to be placed underneath the Christmas tree! We grow and nurture our plants with great love and care until they are ready to grace their new owners’ homes. We also offer special services to personalise the gift experience with a beautiful gift bag for small plants, an informative plant care guide and a customised message card. The Poinsettia, Peace Lily and White Spruce (an adorable mini Christmas tree) are some of our favourite Christmas gift plants. Browse our Christmas collection for more living gift inspiration or opt for one of our add-on gifts. \Not sure what your friends or family would like? Why not get them an online gift card so they can choose their gift!

Getting plants delivered in time

Buying last-minute gifts? We’ve got your back with a selection of living gift plants that can be delivered on the same day anywhere in Sydney. If you’re buying plants and add-on gifts that do not qualify for same-day delivery, you can still opt for next business day delivery by selection the “Yes, this is a gift” option when checking out. Not big on gifts? You never need an excuse to treat yourself and expand your plant collection! With our broad range of indoor and outdoor plants, there is something for everyone. Pet-friendly plants, office plants, easy-to-care-for plants — you name it!

How to care for your plants while you’re on holiday

If you’re planning a Christmas getaway and you’re wondering how to keep taking care of your plants while you’re away from home, we have some tips and tricks to give you peace of mind during your holiday. Getting a plant-sitter is the easiest way to ensure your plant babies are taken good care of when you’re not home, especially if you’re going to be away for a long time. If you don’t have anyone who can water your plants as usual and make sure they have enough sunlight during the day, you can do some plant prepping before you leave for your holiday. Firstly, make sure they are happy and healthy before you leave. If any plants need to be repotted, pruned, cleaned, fertilised or given fresh soil, don’t wait until you come back from holiday. Also, check your plants for any bugs or illnesses and treat them in time. Don’t leave them in a dark room where the curtains are drawn. If needed, move your plants to another room or area in your house where they will receive a moderate amount of light without burning. Remember that some plants (like Fiddle Leaf Fig) don’t like to be moved, so try to keep disruptions to a minimum as far as possible! Some plants such as succulents can survive without water for weeks at a time. However, other plants like herbs and tropical plants need to be watered more frequently and require a certain level of humidity. If you’re going to be away for longer than a week, you can consider automatic watering systems that can be programmed to water your plants when needed. Grouping your plants will also aid in increasing humidity levels. For more practical plant care tips and individual plant care guides, click here to get the inside scoop on all things gardening! From the team at Natures Colours, we wish you a merry Christmas and an abundantly blessed festive season with friends and family!