About Us

We want to green the world with our plants and living gifts. Passionate about the pursuits of gardening and growing; greening our spaces and planet to energise, balance and feed our souls and surrounds. Enliven your environment with Natures Colours; an organic feast of premium-quality indoor, outdoor and gift plants that everyone, from novice to advanced growers, can grasp.

Beginning in our Natures Colours Nursery in Dural NSW in 2009, you can now purchase your plants online; direct from our nursery to you. By making plant care easy and enjoyable, we give you the confidence to grow plants.

Pick your plants from our extensive online range, and we’ll deliver happy, healthy plants to your door. Treat yourself to a Fiddle Leaf Fig for your favourite living room, boost your workplace with some Devil’s Ivy or add some verdant to your verandah with a Golden Cane Palm.

Our extensive selection of Living Gifts let you purchase a plant for every occasion. Send a ‘just because’ orchid to your Mum, bestow your beau with something blooming lovely, or add some bright to your friends day. We’ll help match the plant to the conditions of its new home so you can give a lovely, long-lasting gift.

If you’re looking for a corporate gift that leaves blah behind, or bombonieres to treat your wedding and party people: we can do. Give your guests something lasting to love.

We’re all about spreading the green word, and we’re here to help you with the tools to grow your garden, bring your home and office to life, and give living gifts with meaning.

Our promise to you

Happy, healthy plants; hand delivered and ready to call your place home

Grow your greenery with our plant care guide, advice and care support

Every premium quality plant is carefully selected and freshly potted