Plant Care: How much light do my plants need?

How much light do my plants need

Every plant is an individual, and to fulfil its functions, it needs a specific level of light based on its natural environment. And this is what you want to replicate in your home. While we have some houseplants that can deal with low light, light is food for plants, so the more light the better.

How much light do my plants need 

Light Conditions

Have a look at how much light your room gets, then pick a plant to match the light it needs rather than what your room may look like with a specific arbitrary plant. Remember – the darkest corner of your garden still gets more light than your brightest indoor window. If your houseplant prefers bright filtered or bright indirect light, make sure the light is diffused before it hits the plant. Use a sheer curtain or put your plant in a window overlooking a covered outdoor area for this effect. To make your job easier, check out the meaning of the light categories on our website:

Plants for Indoors

Low light: there’s not much natural light in your room, for example, a south-facing window or your plant gets no direct light because it’s placed a few metres from the window. Average light: there’s a decent amount of light in your room. It may be getting sun in the morning or afternoon. Bright light: there’s plenty of light in your room throughout the entire day. Your houseplant will receive the most direct light while indoors.

Plants for Outdoors

Part shade: there’s shady or dappled light in your outdoor spot Full sun: there are more than six hours of direct sunlight in your outdoor spot
  Try The Shadow Test to help you figure out how much light your greenery is getting. At midday, where the sun is the brightest, place your hand 30cm above where you intend to grow your plant – if it casts a sharp shadow – that’s bright light – a soft shadow shows medium light. As the seasons shift, your plants will need to also; rotate or move them so they get the winter sun.