Plant Care: How to clean my indoor plants?

Plant Care how to clean my indoor plants

Plant Care how to clean my indoor plants

Why You Should Clean the Leaves of your Indoor Plants

You will eventually notice your indoor plants accumulating dust on the foliage over time. This is normal for indoor areas with the ongoing build-up of dust. Naturally, plants are exposed to wind and rainfall, which keeps their leaves dust-free and healthy. For those among you wondering whether there is a foliage cleaning robot that can clean all this for you (akin to the robots that vacuum our floors) unfortunately for us, there is nothing like this available so you will need to clean the good old fashion manual way!

This is good news for all the green thumbs as you will find many benefits to getting closer to your plants; it is very good for the mind and keeps us on our toes. The even better news is that it helps keep your plants lush and healthy as that extra layer of dust will reduce your plant’s ability to photosynthesise, so you are not only cleaning it for its good looks!

To clean your plants, remove any dead, brown or yellowing leaves. Next, gently wipe the top and underside of the leaves with a moist cloth. Another good option is to occasionally place them in the shower, giving them a good drink and clean at the same time! Avoid using water on hairy leaves as it can trap moisture and begin to rot. Use a soft-bristled brush to remove dust.

As you are cleaning, it is best to check for any lumps or pests on your plant so you can stay on top of that as well.

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