Benefits of having Indoors Plants in Office Setting

Benefits of having Indoor Plants in an Office Setting

What are the benefits of having indoor plants? As humans, we indeed have an innate need for nature in our lives, yet our office space, the place we spend most of our days, is often stripped of this. According to Harvard biologist E.O. Wilson, we have a need to return to nature. If you think about the amount of time you and your colleagues spend in your office, it’s no wonder you might crave a bit of fresh air and time outside. This is why many people choose to bring the outdoors in with some office plants

Here are just some of the amazing benefits indoor plants offer.

Benefits of having Indoor Plants in an Office Setting

Plants reduce stress and increase productivity

There have been several studies carried out that show how indoor plants can reduce stress levels and increase productivity. They can work to lower your blood pressure, increase attentiveness and in general, can lift spirits. According to a small 2010 study by the University of Technology Sydney, when plants were introduced to their workplace there was a 37% decrease in tension and anxiety and a 44% decrease in anger and hostility. All it takes is just a handful of plants to increase productivity in the workplace. Research by Dr Chris Knight found that just simply adding one plant could improve memory retention and helped people score better on tests!  

Plants reduce noise levels

Working in an open-plan workspace has its benefits, but a noisy working environment isn’t one of them. It is a known fact that plants help with noise pollution, which is why they are often planted along highways. This also works in an office space by reducing reverberation time. The plants work to absorb noises made in the workplace.  

Plants improve air quality

A modern office space can hold up to ten times more pollutants than the air outside. Plants in the office remove these harmful pollutants and help clean the air around you. They also keep humidity at optimal levels. By breathing cleaner air, you’re boosting your immune system and your mental health.  

Benefits of having indoor plants in an indoor setting?

There are a few basic principles to follow when it comes to selecting plants for your office. It must be easy to maintain and able to grow well in low light conditions, and of course, survive without water over the weekends.
Benefits of Indoor Plants in an office setting: Zanzibar Gem Parlour Palm Mother in Law's Tongue

3 Easy-to-care-for Office Plants

Mother in Law’s Tongue

Thanks to its succulent leaves, this plant survives well indoors. Not only this, but the plant itself will help purify your air in the office and control the humidity of the environment. Mother-in-Law’s Tongue is a great decorative plant that works very hard for you, converting poisonous chemicals into oxygen. There are many species to choose from, giving you the freedom to find one that suits your tastes. In case you are wondering about the name, the leaf’s sharp spike is symbolic of the sharp tongue of a woman!  

Parlour Palm

This is one of the most popular indoor palms around. It grows very slowly and thrives in low light, cramped spaces. It is also one of the cheapest palms on the market, so this makes it a very economical choice when you are buying plants for a large office space. The leaves have a very dainty texture, which is ideal for adding a bit of style to an interior space. From the Victorian Era, this plant got its name as it was often grown in parlours.  

Zanzibar Gem

This plant likes to stay warm, but not too wet, and it will keep on growing for years without very much care at all. You won’t have to worry about not being around to water it often, making it a great office plant. The Zanzibar Gem has often nicknamed the ‘un-killable’ plant and actually thrives on your neglect, able to go a month or more without a drop of water! It’s green, glossy leaves will add a touch of sophistication to your space. Keep in mind, however, when you do water the Zanzibar Gem you should drench it, as it stores the water in its root system for the long haul period, so giving it only a small amount can cause it to seize up.  

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