What are the benefits of sending corporate plant gift

Corporate Gift Plants Sydney

What are the benefits of sending corporate plant gift? We’ve all had sleepless nights over finding the perfect gift for a friend or loved one. Samething with a birthday gift for your boss, a co-worker or a client. If you’re struggling to find something well-intentioned, useful and appropriate to gift someone in the professional spherefor that we have just the solution for you. Sending plants as corporate gifts are meaningful, versatile and creative. This joyous gift will light up any desk or office, and can be tailored to your needs and budget. With the customisation options at Natures Colours Plants and Gifts, you can personalise your corporate gifts for delivery anywhere in Sydney with gorgeous pots. You may also request for  a special written message and your unique company logo. Here are a few benefits of sending corporate gift plants.

Corporate Gift Plants Sydney

Corporate plant gift brings joy!

There’s nothing like a bit of greenery to bring life into a room. Apart from the multitude of benefits on mental wellbeing and productivity, plants are, in their simplest form, a burst of joy in any space. Humans have inherently tied to nature and the positive effects of biophilia (a design practice that draws inspiration from natural elements) have been thoroughly proven. Plants make great gifts because they are gender-neutral, appropriate for people of all ages and suited to diverse tastes in interior design. Gifting your clients and staff with beautiful potted plants will show your appreciation for them specially and authentically, and make their workspaces a happier place.

Improved health & productivity in the workplace

Countless studies have proven that people are more productive, happy and healthy when surrounded by plants. Adding indoor plants to the workplace reduces stress and boosts creativity while improving the overall health and morality of workers. Sending a living gift plant is therefore not only a visually pleasing addition to someone’s desk or office but also an investment in their general health and wellbeing. Firstly, plants act as natural air purifiers, resulting in cleaner, fresher air. This, in turn, leads to improved focus, increased energy levels and enhanced work performance. Indoor plants like Parlour Palm, Mother in Law’s Tongue and Peace Lilies are all known for their air-purifying qualities. Working alongside a couple of plants can boost attention span and memory by as much as 20%! Secondly, having plants in our midst makes us feel more relaxed and at home, leaving more room for creative energy to bloom.   Corporate Gift Plant Succulent Bowl Logo Tag

Personal, long-lasting gifts that grow

Sending plants as gifts to clients will make you and your business linger in their memory for longer since this is not a product that is only used once and then disposed of (another major benefit of this gift: it’s eco-friendly and waste-free). As the plant grows and matures, so will your professional relationship. A living gift continues to bring joy for months — even years — after receiving it. What’s more, in a time where many people are working from home, a new plant will be welcomed dearly by anyone who wants to spruce up their home office.

Plants will be right at home in any space

When searching for a gift for someone you don’t know particularly well, there is always the worry that they may not like it or struggle to find a good use for it. Plants, however, tie in with any design and will look fantastic on anyone’s desk. Money Plants and succulents are some of our favourite picks for corporate gift plants as they perform well indoors and require low maintenance. If you want to branch out and send your client something like a Monstera Deliciosa, Rubber Plant or Flamingo Flower, rest assured that all of our plants come with a plant care guide to give the receiver all the info they need to make their living gift flourish.

Suitable for any budget

Another benefit of sending corporate gift plants is that you can find something beautiful and impactful no matter what your budget is. With our indoor plants starting from as little as $35, you’ll be able to send a meaningful gift that won’t break the bank. If you’re shopping for gifts for end-of-the-year celebrations or other special occasions in your office, you can even enjoy bulk discounts (contact us to find out more). At the end of the day, investing in a gift plant is a priceless experience from which the recipient will reap benefits for a long time to come.

Customisable gifts with a lasting impact

At Natures Colours, our plants are sourced and grown locally with great care. We have a wide range of indoor office-friendly plants that can be customised to your liking and delivered Sydney-wide, and we are always happy to source specific plants or pots that you may be looking for. To add a personal touch to the gift you’re sending, all our living plant gifts are accompanied with a custom print card to showcase the logo of your business. You can also choose from our range of EcoPots or add a personalised message and other creative inserts.

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