Jade Plant – Money Plant in Mini Ceramic Pot



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Botanical Name: Crassula Ovata
Common Name: Jade Plant, Money Tree, Money Plant, Lucky Plant, Friendship Tree

Send good vibes with this adorable Jade Plant gift presented in a mini ceramic pot set. Also known as the Money Plant, the Jade Plant is an easy-to-grow evergreen succulent shrub that can easily be recognised by its fleshy, round leaves.

If you’re looking for a Jade Plant, you may also encounter this plant by several other names such as the money plant, money tree, lucky plant, and friendship tree. As you may notice from these names, the Jade Plant, whose vibrant green leaves resemble jade coins, is associated with a symbol of wealth and prosperity. Jade Plant gifts are therefore ideally suited for work, business, and housewarming celebrations!

What is included in this Jade Plant gift?

  • Jade Plant – Money Plant
  • Matte white ceramic cylinder pot and saucer; pot-sized 10 cm (d) x 10 cm (h)
  • Plant care guide
  • Printed message card and gift bag (gift option)

This plant will instantly add a lovely green touch to your coffee table, work desk, window sill, or balcony. Succulents can thrive both outdoors and indoors. If you live in an apartment or you’re shopping for plants to decorate your office with, rest assured that succulents will be happy indoors as well.

Make sure your Jade Plant soaks up plenty of light throughout the day. A warm spot that receives filtered or indirect light is an ideal location for your Jade Plant, especially if it is a young plant that might not yet be strong enough to withstand long hours of harsh sunlight. Remember to rotate your Jade Plant regularly to ensure that all of its leaves receive the same amount of light.

Jade Plants can hold water in their leaves for long periods. It is therefore important not to overwater them to avoid issues such as root rot. Avoid watering the top of the leaves — instead water the soil directly and allow the top layer to dry out before watering again.

If you notice your Jade Plant becoming dusty and appearing dull or faded, take a slightly damp cloth and gently wipe away any dirt that has accumulated on the surface layer of the leaves. Other than occasional cleaning, Jade Plants do not require a lot of hands-on care. This is a wonderful low-maintenance plant that will bring you joy for years to come!

Jade Plant delivery in Sydney

Our Jade Plants for sale in Sydney can be delivered as soon as the next business day, and even on the same day if you are doing last-minute gift shopping. When ordering a Jade Plant for delivery, remember to select the ‘Yes, this is a gift option at checkout if you would like to have gift wrapping included. All of our Jade Plant gifts include a plant care guide as well as a printed message card and an envelope tag.

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Part shade. Tolerates bright light indoors.


Low - allow the soil to dry out between waterings

Pet Friendly