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Happy Spring! It’s a new season with new possibilities and room to grow — not only for you but also for your garden. Now is the perfect time to spruce up your living and working space with some greenery from our lovely collection of indoor plants, herbs and flowers delivered anywhere in Sydney. Keep reading for gardening inspiration and tips on caring for your plants during spring.

Water your plants more often

Seasonal changes apply to your plants as much as they do to your lifestyle. With temperatures warming up, most of your plants will require a bit more water than usual. We recommend watering your garden early in the morning to ensure water doesn’t evaporate immediately in the heat of the day. (Watering at night comes with the risk of fungal development as the water stays on the plant for an extended amount of time.) Monitor your plants carefully to see how each of them responds to the change in weather and water.

Don’t let your plants overheat

Are you unsure about how much light your plants need? Many indoor plants prefer bright indirect light to thrive. To avoid overheating or scorching your plants’ leaves, make sure they aren’t receiving direct sunlight. As the days get longer and temperatures warm up in spring, perhaps you need to move some of your plants away from the window or even make a few interior changes, like hanging a sheer curtain in front of exposed windows that receive a lot of direct sun rays during the day. If you notice your plants are leaning towards the source of natural light, rotate them about once a month to ensure the entire plant gets its daily dose of sunshine!

Change up the potting soil

Most indoor plants need to be repotted every 12-18 months for extra space to grow. Early spring, just before the onset of the new growing season, is the ideal time to repot your plants. If you can see a plant’s roots growing out of the top or bottom of the pot, it’s definitely time to give it a new home. If your plant seems happy in its current pot, it’s still a good idea to change the soil to give it a boost of fresh nutrients. Read our guide on how to best repot your plants.

Spring clean!

Indoor plants tend to accumulate dust over time, so they need a good spring clean every once in a while. Firstly, check your plants for lumps or pests and remove any dead leaves. This is also a good time to prune your plants by trimming off any yellowing leaves or leggy growth that make the plant appear unkempt. Pruning a plant encourages balanced growth, so it’s important to get this right. You can use kitchen scissors or pruning sheers depending on the thickness of the branches. Disinfect your pruning tools with a bleach and water solution between uses to avoid exposing the plants’ remaining tissue to disease. (Cuttings from indoor plants can be saved for water propagation!) Next, take a moist cloth and gently wipe the top and bottom of the remaining healthy leaves. Be sure not to use an overly damp cloth since certain leaves will trap moisture, putting them at risk for rot. Tropical plants, on the other hand, flourish in humid conditions and are used to receiving plenty of moisture in their natural habitat, so you can even treat these with a quick shower from time to time for a proper clean.

Feed your plants

Over time, potted plants consume all the nutrients in their potting soil, so they need an extra nutritious boost every now and then to stay healthy. Spring is the perfect time to feed your plants because they are actively growing during this time. Before fertilising, make sure any dead or yellowing leaves have been trimmed and that the plant has been watered. This helps the plant to absorb the fertiliser evenly and focus its energy on the healthy, growing parts. We prefer using liquid fertiliser and recommend you dilute it by half of the directed application (too much fertiliser can cause damage to plants). Munash Organics Indoor Plant Soil Food is a great natural fertiliser made especially for indoor plants.

Grow your collection

If you’re feeling crafty, why not try your hand at propagating your own plants at home? There’s nothing like a plant to liven up a room, especially for those working from home. The benefits of having plants in your working space are immense — reduced stress, better air quality, increased focus, enhanced creativity, and the list goes on. Water propagation is a fun challenge to put your gardening skills to the test and quickly grow your collection of plants. Want more gardening tips? Head over to our blog for the inside scoop on picking the best plants for your space, fertilising your indoor plants, sending corporate gift plants and much, much more!

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