Plant Care: How to repot my plants?

How to repot my plants?

If you notice your plant looking extremely large for the pot, where the roots are starting to grow out of the top or bottom of the pot or the plant is generally unhappy, then it could be the right time to repot your plant. Repotting will provide the extra space to grow along with a nutrient boost for your plant.

Here are some of our best tips on how to repot your plant.

How to repot my plants?

Early spring is the best time to repot your plant, just before the growing season kicks in. Typically, indoor plants will tend to not grow as fast as they would in their natural environment. So if your plant doesn’t need to be repotted in a new pot, you can still give your plant a boost with some fresh potting mix to promote healthy new growth. Choose a pot with drainage holes and a pot size that is no more than 10cm in diameter larger than the current pot, in order to give your plant just enough room to grow and fill in the new soil. Larger pots can slow the growth and lead to root rot as there is an excess amount of soil for the roots to use. Make sure to water your plant thoroughly a day before repotting, this makes it easier to repot when the potting mix is still moist, and it also reduces the risk of shock.

How to repot your plant

Step 1: Add a base layer of a fresh premium potting mix into the pot. Add enough, so that the surface of your existing plant should remain the surface in your new pot. Step 2: To remove the plant from its current pot, gently turn the pot on its side then tap the sides of the pot. Hold the plant’s stem and give it a gentle tug. If the plant is stuck, you can use a knife and slide it around inside the pot to loosen the roots. Step 3: Break up the root ball a little with your hands; this will encourage new growth and help the roots expand again. Remove excess soil and trim off any dead, damaged or excessively long roots with a clean pair of scissors or secateurs. Step 4: Place your plant in the centre of the new pot. This is also a time you can straighten your plant if need be. Fill in with the potting mix and gently pack it down. Allow some space from the top of the pot, so that when you water the plant, it doesn’t spill over to the sides of the pot. Step 5: Water the plant thoroughly.
Good quality potting mixes contain fertiliser, so you can hold off the added fertiliser for at least 3 months. Happy repotting!   < Back to Plant Care