Send live plants as gift this Valentine’s Day

Best Plants for Valentine's Day - Natures Colours Nursery

Why send live plants as gifts? Valentine’s Day is on our doorstep and we know exactly how you can spread the love this year. If you want to make an impact and get your beau’s heart beating faster, send a plant this Valentine’s Day. Whether you want it delivered to your love at home, or fuel the water cooler fodder at their office, we’ll make sure your living gift gets to the right place at the right time. Plants are love in a pot, so get romantic on Feb 14th. 

Send live plants as gifts - Natures Colours

Why send live plants as gifts this Valentine’s Day?

At Natures Colours, we’re ready for Valentine’s Day with a stunning selection of gifts sure to win hearts. Green is the colour of love, and we’re committed to sustainability, offering living gifts. Our plants not only symbolise your love for the planet but also provide long-lasting joy, reminding your loved one of you each time they see it. On top of this, when you choose Natures Colours, you’re supporting local businesses; all our plants are nurtured and grown by our trusted local nurseries. Another plus when you opt to give a living gift is they help clean the air and brighten the day of everyone around them.

Declare Your Love with an Anthurium

With its red flowers and heart-shaped leaves, there is no plant more suited for the day of love than the glorious Anthurium. Also known as a Flamingo Flower, this house plant is made for Valentine’s Day with its red heart-like blooms. Like your love, this plant flowers all year round, with shiny, lush leaves to add a touch of beauty to any corner. Known as ‘nature’s air purifier,’ this clean-air-loving living gift is best put in an outdoor shaded area or kept indoors.

Say it with a Love Bird’s Nest Fern

For a truly romantic gesture, gift your loved one a Bird’s Nest Fern. Representing the strength and resilience of your relationship, this enduring plant promises to flourish with minimal care, just like your love.

Spice Up the Day with Chilli

This spicy, edible plant is guaranteed to turn up the heat on Valentine’s Day. Send your lover this living gift, then cook them up a beautiful pasta using chilli’s plucked straight from the plant. The beauty of this clever plant is – the more you pick the fruit, the more the plant produces. Packed to the brim with essential vitamins and minerals, this gift needs to live where there’s loads of sun. For a bumper crop of colour and flavourful fruit, Chilli is an easy-care plant and delightful to grow.

Romance in Pink with Syngonium

Send your Valentine this romantic Pink Syngonium. Paired with our stylish ceramic pot set, this gorgeous indoor plant is a low-maintenance trailing plant with attractive pink blush leaves.

Same-Day Plant Delivery in Sydney

Left Valentine’s Day shopping until the very last minute? Don’t worry — we’ve got you. We offer same-day delivery in Sydney so you can buy all your gifts in the morning and have them at your door before the end of the day. Or have us deliver a gift package brimming with plant love straight to your friend or lover to make sure this is Valentine’s Day they won’t forget!

Send plant gifts this Valentine’s Day