Send a Living Gift Plant this Valentine’s Day

Send a Living Gift this Valentines Day Chilli

Don’t get us wrong; regular gifts are great, but a living gift keeps on giving, long after you’ve removed the ribbon. If you want to make an impact and get your beau’s heart beating faster, send a plant this Valentine’s Day. Whether you want it delivered to your love at home, or fuel the water cooler fodder at their office, we’ll make sure your living gift gets to the right place at the right time.

Because green’s the colour of love, we’re actively looking for ways to reduce waste. Plants are love in a pot, so get romantic on Feb 14th.

Send a Living Gift this Valentines Day

Send Plants this Valentine’s Day

A bunch of flowers is a classic gift, but they’re all too fleeting. The fact is – plants are sustainable and will always outlast fresh cut flowers. On top of this, when you choose Natures Colours, you’re supporting local businesses; all our plants are nurtured and grown by our trusted local nurseries. Another plus when you opt to give a living gift is they help clean the air and brighten the day of everyone around them. Lastly, our potted presents are more affordable and keep on growing.

Get Cute with Passionfruit

This aptly-named plant makes for the perfect Valentine’s Day gift. A robust climber, it has beautiful deep green foliage, with incredible purple and white flowers that pop. The best part is, if your love nurtures them with the right care, they’ll be rewarded with fresh-off-the-vine passionfruit, with pulp as sweet as their smile. Far more thoughtful than a bunch of flowers, your beau can enjoy the fruits of their gift in their smoothie or to dress a dessert. Passionfruit gift needs full sun, good drainage and protection from the frost.

Hot and Heavy with Chilli

This spicy, edible plant is guaranteed to turn up the heat on Valentine’s Day. Send your lover this living gift, then cook them up a beautiful pasta using chilli’s plucked straight from the plant. The beauty of this clever plant is – the more you pick the fruit, the more the plant produces. Packed to the brim with essential vitamins and minerals, this gift needs to live where there’s loads of sun. For a bumper crop of colour and flavourful fruit, Chilli is an easy-care plant and delightful to grow.

Living Bloom with Orchid

Even though this is one of the world’s most common Orchid, it makes for a one-of-a-kind gift. These plants are like blooming royalty; producing the most stunningly beautiful flowers you can lay your eyes on. And the best part is, when they pop, these orchids can last for up to 2-6 months. These living gifts love indirect light and lots of it; easy to care for, they only need watering once a week to stay healthy and thriving.

Say it Loud with an Anthurium

Also known as a Flamingo Flower, this house plant is made for Valentine’s Day with its red heart-like blooms. Like your love, this plant flowers all year round, with shiny, lush leaves to add a touch of beauty to any corner. Known as ‘nature’s air purifier,’ this clean-air-loving living gift is best put in an outdoor shaded area or kept indoors.

Valentine’s Day Same-Day Delivery in Sydney

Yes, we now offer same-day* delivery in Sydney. Order a plant by 10 am and we’ll race it right over to your receiver. All of our living gift plants come with a plant care guide, printed message card and gift bag. So get creative and give your Valentine something as lovely as them.

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