Looking for gift ideas? Send a succulent gift plant!

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When it comes to finding the right gift for birthdays, anniversaries and special celebrations, succulents are a saving grace! If you are looking for a special yet practical and safe gift, a plant is always a good idea. Keep reading to learn about the benefits of succulents and tips on choosing the perfect succulent gift plant.

Succulent Gift Plants Succulent Bowl

Succulents make great gifts for anyone

Succulents are versatile and wholesome gifts. Who wouldn’t love to brighten up their home or workspace with a living gift? Gifting a succulent is a symbol of good fortune, prosperity and growth — the perfect gift recipe to make anyone in your life feel loved and appreciated. Succulent plant gifts are also a blessing to the earth. No waste or unnecessary spending is involved, it will complement any personal decor style, and can be used to adorn any space around the house or office, both indoor and outdoor. Succulents keep growing, bringing joy and putting a smile on faces long after you have gifted it. These plants are low maintenance and resilient, making them super easy to take care of. You don’t need to be a pro gardener to keep a succulent alive! Since succulents can also easily be propagated, it’s a wonderful plant to give to a beginner gardener who is still learning the tricks and trades of growing their own plants.

The best succulents to send as gift plants

Succulents come in many shapes, sizes, textures and colours, leaving you spoilt for choice. The Haworthia Zebra, or Zebra Plant, is one of our favourite budget-friendly succulents. A hardy and low maintenance plant, this succulent is used to dry conditions and can go without water for a couple of weeks at a time (ideal for a forgetful plant lover or someone who is often away from home). Zebra Plants are also pet-friendly, which is an added bonus for households with curious pets. Another one of our top picks for succulent gifts is the Jade Plant, also known by various other names such as Money Tree/Plant, Lucky Plant and Friendship Tree, and recognised by its unique round and fleshy leaves. As you can gather from these names, this plant radiates good vibes! The easy-to-grow, evergreen Jade Plant symbolises good luck, prosperity and long-lasting friendship — a beautiful meaning when gifting this plant to a special person in your life. We also love the simple Moon Cactus, the impressive Mother-In-Law’s-Tongue and the one-of-a-kind String of Dolphins. If you can’t quite decide on a succulent, you can always go for the beautiful coral sea succulent bowl, a unique arrangement of fresh succulents in a stylish boat-shaped Ecopot bowl that is made of recycled plastics.

How to send a succulent gift plant in Sydney

Now that you’ve decided on a succulent to gift, let’s get it delivered for you in Sydney! Each of our living gift plants are stylishly presented with a plant care guide, a printed message card, a card envelope and a gift carry bag to make the experience extra special. We deliver in the Sydney metro area and offer same-day delivery on selected plants (for when you have a last-minute gift to send!).

Bonus succulent gift ideas

Want to add something more to the gift box? A cactus propagation station is a fun gift idea for a friend with green fingers. This cactus stand, made from fluorescent green acrylic material, is a quirky tool to help grow succulent plant cuttings. Newbie gardeners will also love this glass spray bottle and stylish watering can to keep their plants hydrated and happy! Natures Colours is voted as one of the best places to buy plants in Sydney by Lawn.com.au Natures Colours is an online plant store based in Sydney with the promise of delivering happy, healthy, premium quality plants with our bespoke plant care guides, advice, and support to brighten your home. Shop our extensive selection of plants and living gift accessories, hand-delivered in Sydney!