Succulent Haworthia Zebra in Mini Ceramic Pot



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Botanical Name: Haworthiopsis Fasciata
Common Name: Zebra Cactus

The Haworthia Zebra is a hardy, slow-growing succulent with distinctive leaves. Forming in rosettes of thick, pointy dark green leaves, the Haworthia Zebra is known for the raised white stripes on the leaves giving the plant its common name. This stylish, decorative succulent gift is easy to care for and is a great choice among indoor-friendly succulents.

  • Haworthia Zebra
  • Matte white ceramic cylinder pot and saucer. Pot size 10cm (d) x 10cm (h)
  • Plant care guide
  • Printed message card and gift bag (gift option)

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Full sun. Tolerates bright light indoors.


Moderate - allow the top 3-5cm of soil to dry out between waterings

Pet Friendly