Plants to Help You Celebrate This Christmas

Christmas Gift Plants

Christmas is a time of giving and there is so much to be thankful for. Whether you are searching for a special gift for a teacher who has been there for your child the entire year, or a little something for a family member just to say ‘Merry Christmas’, a plant is the perfect go-to present that everyone will enjoy.

You can also keep a couple for yourself to spruce up the home and get into the decorating spirit. We have you covered with the best plants for the silly season.

Christmas Gift Plants

Christmas Poinsettia

The Poinsettia is a perfect way to get into the Christmas spirit with a little pop of red. These gorgeous bright red flowering plants come with our stylish ceramic pot sets and planter bags by restore grace, making the perfect gift this Christmas. The Poinsettia naturally blooms in winter, but are often forced to flower at Christmas time in Australia (usually by being exposed to a lot of darkness at periods of time), and they survive well as an indoor plant with access to a bit of sunlight. They also do not require much watering, making them super easy to care for. These beauties will be sure to light up Christmas day this year!

Living Art Staghorn Fern

If you are looking for a unique Christmas gift, the Staghorn Fern is a remarkable plant in both shape and style. This shade-loving plant naturally grows on other plants or trees in tropical regions. Named for their antler-shaped fronds, the Staghorn Fern is hand-mounted on a timber board. This plant truly makes for eye-popping living art and is best placed on a wall in the home.

Stunning Succulents

We have a wide range of succulents and succulent bowl arrangements that are great for celebrating the Christmas season.

The Haworthia Zebra is a slow-growing succulent, which is known for the raised white stripes on the leaves. It’s a very decorative succulent that would make the perfect thank you gift for staff or clients this Christmas. The Haworthia Zebra arrives in our chic ceramic pot, ready to be gifted or to brighten up your space.

The String of Dolphins comes in a charming hanging basket. Its foliage resembles a pod of dolphins and it is very easy to grow, making it a low-maintenance present.

Our popular Succulent Bowls are a unique way to show someone you care about and a very easy way to brighten up a balcony or indoor space. It only needs a little TLC to thrive.

Evergreen Peace Lily

This beautiful houseplant’s dark green foliage and white flowers make the perfect statement to add to the Christmas decorations. The Peace Lily is hardy, easy to grow and an amazing air-purifier!

Jolly Christmas Tree

Send your work colleague or child’s teacher this cute mini Christmas tree as a gesture of appreciation. The Christmas Tree works beautifully indoor, but do make sure it gets plenty of sunshine after the holidays to keep it healthy for the following year.

Same-Day Gift Plant Delivery

Gift-giving this Christmas is even easier now thanks to our new and improved online store, and offering Same-day delivery of selected Christmas favourites across Sydney.

Along with the new look, we are proud to present our new custom-designed gift packaging to ensure a delightful gift-giving and receiving experience this Christmas. All of our Living Gift Plants include a Plant Care Guide, Christmas themed printed message card, stylish card envelope and our custom-designed gift carry bag.*

Add-on Goodies

Our site also features plenty of lovely locally made add-on gifts, including delicious handmade chocolates by Winnow and eco-friendly soy candles by Mojo Candles for your purchase. Make sure to head on over and check them out before you checkout!

There are so many great ways to bring plants into this festive season, to brighten up any space or offer the perfect gift for someone special. Have a shop around and see how you can add an extra Christmas cheer this year and give a gift that grows!

*Our gift carry bag is available for potted plants up to 20cm. Larger pots may arrive in an open gift box or simply as is with a lovely attached tag envelope.


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