Send a housewarming gift that grows

Housewarming Gift Plants

If you’re looking for a thoughtful housewarming gift for a friend who is moving house, why not get them a living gift that grows? Plants add colour and warmth to any space, they serve as natural air purifiers, and they are rewarding to care for as they reduce stress and boost morale, productivity and creativity. If you’re moving to a new house yourself, adding indoor plants ready for display is a quick way to liven up your new space and make it feel cosy and comfortable.

Here are some of our favourite low maintenance indoor plants and outdoor trees that will make the perfect gift for busy people or new plant parents.

Housewarming Gift Plants

Peace Lily

The Peace Lily is one of our best-selling indoor plants, and with good reason. This is one of the houseplants with the best air purifying qualities as it breaks down and neutralises toxic gasses to provide you with fresher, cleaner air. With its beautiful white flowers, the peace lily might even double as a celebratory bouquet to welcome your friends or family into their new home! It’s also an easy plant to take care of since it doesn’t struggle to adapt to new surroundings. Peace lilies prefer light to bright indirect light although it tolerates low light. Wait for the top 3-5cm of the potting soil to dry before giving it fresh water to avoid saturation.

Mother-in-Law’s Tongue

Also known as a Snake Plant, the Mother-in-Law’s Tongue is a great houseplant and excellent air purifier. This is truly one of the easiest plants to care for and adds dimension to any space with its uniquely pointed and striped leaves. These leaves mirror some qualities of succulents and can store water for a long period, so you can wait some time in between watering sessions. Mother-in-law’s Tongue is also an easy plant to propagate in a vase of water, which makes for a thoughtful housewarming gift to brighten up a new home.

Rubber Plant

If you’re looking for something out of the ordinary, a Rubber Plant might be just what you need. This dark, tree-like plant is known for its majestic appearance and thick, burgundy leaves. Rubber Plants can grow to great heights in their native environment in southeast Asia and result in striking and impressive houseplants. When placed inside the house, make sure the plant doesn’t get too much direct light. A bright room with indirect light or a shady spot outside is the perfect place for a Rubber Plant. Bear in mind that this plant isn’t pet-friendly, so it might not be the best gift for a person or family with cats or dogs. Don’t worry — if you’re looking for pet-friendly housewarming gifts, we’ve got you covered!

Devil’s Ivy

Despite what the name suggests, Devil’s Ivy is a lovely and joyful plant to have around. Thanks to its air-cleansing qualities, low maintenance required and heart-shaped leaves, this tropical plant is a popular pick for working spaces to add a touch of colour and life to the office. Devil’s Ivy with its deep green bushy foliage can grow to about 1.4m, immediately upgrading any space it inhabits. A great gift for someone who works from home! This plant thrives in indirect light although it tolerates low light. Be careful not to overwater Devil’s Ivy — allow the top 3-5cm of the soil to dry between waterings.

How to care for a Devils Ivy

Bird’s Nest Fern – Norfolk Gem

The Bird’s Nest Fern ‘Norfolk Gem’ is one of our favourite indoor plants! This is a popular plant among Australian gardeners because it brings such a peaceful tropical air into any space. As a bonus, this plant is completely pet-safe so it’s a great gift for someone who has animals around their house. Because Bird’s Nest Fern Norfolk Gems are native to Norfolk Island they typically seek warm, humid conditions. Placing it in a bathroom that receives bright indirect light will be a good fit for this rainforest fern. The plant’s fronds form a rosette shape resembling a bird’s nest, which is how it got its name. When watering a Bird’s Nest Fern, it’s important to avoid an accumulation of water in this central rosette since it cradles moisture and can cause the plant to rot.

Lemon Tree

Moving on to our suggestions for outdoor trees as housewarming gifts — a meaningful and lasting gift that will bring people joy for generations to come. A symbol of freshness and healing, receiving a Lemon Tree as a gift for a new living space is sure to set you up for years of happy memories! Of course, a fruit-bearing tree also brings something else to the table in addition to its beautiful appearance and fresh presence, and lemons are such a versatile fruit that does wonders in cleansing the mind and body. The Lemon Tree is an evergreen tree that is a classic pick for backyard trees in Australia, bearing bountiful healthy and delicious lemons for several months each year.

Bay Tree

Also known as Bay Laurel or Sweet Laurel, the Bay Tree is a versatile and evergreen tree that has been cultivated for their one-of-a-kind flavour and fragrance for centuries. Bay Trees can grow in full sun or part shade and are tolerant of drought and frost, making them suited for any new home. This tree is believed to be one of the oldest cultivated tree species, and continues to carry a great deal of cultural and symbolic importance. Native to the Mediterranean region, bay trees can grow up to 15m tall and their leaves are used in the flavouring of soups, stews and other hearty meals — perfect for adding aroma to a housewarming dinner!

Olive Tree

An Olive Tree is one of the most widely loved trees in the world. It represents peace, hope, wisdom, prosperity, friendship and love — all welcome attributes for anyone moving into a new house. Apart from its age-old symbolic worth, Olive Trees are easy to care for and tolerant of harsh weather conditions. This tree endures heat and strong winds, and can grow in dry and rocky soil. Although Olive Trees are tolerant for dry periods, it’s still important to water the plant regularly during the growing season and is fed with fertiliser. Watering can be reduced in winter months as long as the soil doesn’t dry out completely.

Olive Tree Care

At Natures Colours, we deliver happy and healthy plants anywhere in Sydney. Can’t choose from the housewarming gift suggestions above? An online gift card is just the solution for you. Add a personalised message to your gift card and let your friends and family pick their favourite plants!