How to care for a Philodendron Birkin

Philodendron Birkin Care

The Philodendron Birkin is a one-of-a-kind and easy to care for indoor tropical plant with glossy foliage and uniquely striped leaves. Philodendrums originate from the Caribbean, Columbia and Venezuela, and are used to warm and tropical conditions. The signature leaves of the Birkin variation start out in a dark, forest green shade, and continue to develop light stripes as they mature.

Here’s how to care for your Philodendron Birkin.

Philodendron Birkin Care


Philodendron Birkins are tropical plants that naturally grow in bright, indirect light, so moderate to bright indirect light indoors will provide the ideal conditions for your Birkin.


Keep the soil evenly moist, but not soggy, in spring and summer. Water the soil thoroughly and wait for the water to drain through, then empty any excess water sitting in the saucer. Reduce watering in the cooler months by allowing the top 3-5cm of soil to dry out before watering again.

Tip: the top of the soil may look dry but it can be wet beneath, so before watering your plant, dip your finger into the soil to feel the level of moisture. If it feels soggy, wait for another day or two.

Temperature & Humidity

This plant loves warm and humid conditions, similar to its natural habitat in the tropical rainforest. If you live in a moderate to warm climate, your Birkin will do very well during summer months but you may need to increase humidity levels during winter by regularly misting the leaves with water. Lack of humidity can lead your Birkin to be brown.


Philodendron Birkins flourish in peat moss-based soil thanks to the coarse yet airy texture that retains water without piling up excess liquid. These plants prefer being root-bounded, so you only need to repot it about once every two years. You can give your Birkin a boost with some liquid fertiliser every 2-3 weeks during the growing season.

Birkins can easily be propagated by taking stem cuttings, placing it in water for a couple of weeks and transferring it to the soil once roots start to develop. When propagating in water, replace the water every two days. Once the cutting with its developed roots is planted in soil, you can continue care as usual.

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