How to Care for a Cyclamen

How to Care for Cyclamens | Natures Colours Plants & Gifts
Cyclamens are best known for their gorgeous flowers. Their round, leathery and marbled foliage adds a pop of colour in the home throughout the winter.

Here’s how to care for your Cyclamen.

How to Care for Cyclamens - Natures Colours Plants & Gifts
Light Place your Cyclamen in bright area preferably near a sunny window. Do not expose to direct sunlight, which can burn the plant. Water The Cyclamen likes its soil to slightly dry out between drenchings. Soak the soil thoroughly (avoid watering the leaves) and wait for the water to drain through, then empty any excess water sitting in the saucer to avoid root rot. Allow the top 3-5cm of soil to dry out before watering again. Tip: the top of the soil may look dry but it can be wet beneath, so before watering your plant, dip your finger into the soil to feel the level of moisture. Temperature & Humidity Cyclamens prefer cool temperatures and average humidity. Don’t put your Cyclamen under an air conditioner where gusts of hot or cold air can harm it. Maintenance Your Cyclamen will benefit from spending the night outside to get some fresh, cool air. Gently remove any faded flowers and leaves.