Sublime Lime Tree – How to Care for a Lime Tree

Sublime Lime Tree Plant Care

The Lime Tree “Sublime Patio” is a compact and thornless citrus tree, suitable in a container perfect for small gardens, patio or balcony. With a citrusy scent evoking all things exotic, this dwarf lime tree produces full-size fruit.

Here’s how to care for your Lime Tree.

Sublime Lime Tree Plant Care


Like all citrus trees, the Lime Tree requires full sun for adequate growth. Place your Lime Tree in an open, sunny position with protection from the wind.


The Lime Tree can tolerate a range of different soils, but it mostly prefers slightly acidic and well-drained soil.


The Lime Tree requires regular watering if grown in pots. Water more frequently during the warmer months, and when you see the fruit beginning to form.

Temperature & Humidity

This hardy citrus tree grows well in warm temperatures but tolerates cool temperatures and moderate frost.


Feed your Lime Tree growing in pots every six to eight weeks during the growing season with complete citrus food.

Remove any suckers (small tree shoots) at the base of the trunk and on branches to encourage new growth. Make sure you use sharp clean secateurs when pruning.


Common Pests

Common Lime tree problems include leaf miners, scale, citrus mites and aphids. Apply white oil once every three weeks for three months, and be sure to cover the whole tree including the bark.