How to Care for a Lavender

Lavender Plant Care

Known for its beautiful aroma, Lavender produces long-lasting violet-purple flowers that are simply stunning. Lavender is an easy-care plant that loves full sun.

Here’s how to care for your lovely Lavender.

Lavender Plant Care

Light & Position

Lavender loves the hot sun. It will flourish as long as they receive at least eight hours of direct sunlight. Allow space for this plant for good air circulation.


Lavender is suitable in a pot or garden bed with well-drained soils where it can enjoy good air circulation.


Lavender requires regular watering until established in the garden or if grown in pots. Soak the soil thoroughly, and allow the water to drain through as they don’t like wet feet. Lavender is drought tolerant once it’s well-rooted.

Temperature & Humidity

Lavender prefers warm temperatures and average humidity. Some Lavender varieties can tolerate mild humidity and colder areas also.


Prune any discoloured leaves and spent flowers with a gentle snip of the secateurs to encourage continuous blooming. It is also advisable to prune back by one third in late summer to stimulate growth and maintain a bushy habit. Do not cut into the woody stems.