Lavender in Medium EcoPot


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Botanical Name: Lavandula
Common Name: Lavender Variety

Everyone loves Lavender; the long-stem bloomer with a beautiful aroma. Its signature violet-purple flowers and foliage are stunning in summer; an easy-care plant that loves full sun and a dry environment. With a swathe of natural gifts, this favourite has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties, can tame nausea, soothe stress and will help you sleep easily. A top plant for your outdoor space.

  • Lavender variety
  • Pot and saucer by EcoPots. A durable and stylish pot set made from recycled plastic. Pot size 20cm (d) x 17.5cm (h)
  • Plant care guide
  • Printed message card and box (gift option)

About Ecopots

Ecopots are natural-looking plastic pots made from up to 80% recycled plastics. Eco-friendly and enduring in both design and colour, these sustainable pots are gorgeous and green.

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Full sun


Moderate - allow the top 3-5cm of soil to dry out between waterings

Pet Friendly