Tea Drop Loose Leaf


A perfect gift add-on for tea lovers

Save when you purchase the tea duo: Honeydew Green Tea and English Breakfast

Tea Drop’s loose-leaf selection promises a flavourful journey, crafted with care and dedication. Available in two popular flavours.

  • English Breakfast: perhaps the most traditional tea of all, Tea Drop’s pure black blend is the crown jewel of the empire with a strong, robust, full-bodied flavour followed by a smooth, elegant finish. 
  • Honeydew Green Tea: while China and Japan may claim historical rights to green teas, Sri Lankan Green Teas are equally renowned and admired by tea aficionados. This blend takes pure green tea and combines it with honeydew pieces and natural apricot flavour to create a tea that has all the healthy aspects of green tea with one big plus – it tastes deliciously refreshing.

About Tea Drop

As dedicated tea specialists in Australia, their mission is to serve as the ultimate gateway to the world of tea, offering memorable blends for enthusiasts to savour and explore. Their passionate artisanal team scours the globe in pursuit of the finest tea leaves, embodying a small-picture approach to sourcing that prioritises quality and ethical practices. Every leaf in their collection is hand-picked, ethically sourced, and treated with utmost care. The commitment to excellence extends to the tasting and approval process, where each batch is meticulously evaluated by its master blender. With decades of family traditions and knowledge, the master blender ensures that only the most exceptional teas make their way to your cup.

  • Tea Drop Loose Leaf Tea. 100g. Available in two flavours: English Breakfast and Honeydew Green. Member of Ethical Tea Partnership.