Calamondin Calamansi Tree Gift Plant



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Botanical Name: Citrofortunella Microcarpa
Common Name: Calamondin, Calamansi

Discover the Calamansi Calamondin gift plant—a thoughtful gift for sympathies, housewarmings, birthdays, and anniversaries. This growing gift, with its vibrant citrus charm, not only adds freshness to any space but also symbolises growth and new beginnings. Originating from the Philippines, the small tangy citrus fruits of the Calamansi add a burst of flavour to culinary creations and cocktails. Share the joy of nurturing a living, fruitful connection with this unique and thoughtful present.

  • Calamondin Calamansi
  • 5L in plastic pot/bag, packaged in a white gift box
  • Plant care guide
  • Printed message card (gift option)

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Full sun


Frequent - keep the soil moist but not soggy at all times

Pet Friendly