Kentia Palm in Medium Ceramic Pot


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Botanical Name: Howea Forsteriana
Common Name: Kentia Palm

The Kentia Palm makes a wonderful addition to any space and it is one of the most popular palms to grow indoors. With slender trunks and graceful feather-shaped fronds, the Kentia Palm is a hardy, slow-growing palm that can tolerate low light and humidity. Originating from Lord Howe Island, this palm is perfect if you want to create a tropical vibe inside your home or workspace.

The Kentia Palm is freshly potted in our stylish ceramic pot set.

  • Kentia Palm
  • Matte white ceramic cylinder pot and saucer. Pot size 21.5cm (d) x 21.5cm (h).
  • Plant care guide
  • Printed message card and envelope tag (gift option)

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Moderate light to bright indirect light indoors. Tolerates low light.


Moderate - allow the top 3-5cm of soil to dry out between waterings

Pet Friendly