Big Green Monster Co – The Ultimate Indoor Plant Food

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Enjoy a thriving indoor jungle all year round with the ultimate indoor plant food.

Four season-specific fertilisers for vibrant healthy growth. Formulated with specific benefits for each season. It’s a breakthrough in plant health.

The Ultimate Indoor Plant Food is easy to use. Just add 1 mL per litre of water to your watering can and water like usual. This pack makes up to 400 L of fertiliser – enough for even the wildest indoor jungle.

  • 4 x 100 ml glass bottles of advanced seasonal houseplant fertilisers (net 400 ml)
  • 1 x Measuring Device
  • 1 x Instruction Card
  • Gift Box

How will my indoor plants benefit?

Spring Indoor Plant Food: A natural, full-spectrum, plant food to boost growth and promote the spring flush.

Your indoor plants will:

  • Experience explosive growth
  • Grow shiny new leaves with beautiful colour
  • Bud and flower more than ever before (if applicable)
  • Develop a healthy root mass

Key ingredients: A combination of minerals, vitamins, fulvic acid, seaweed, chelated trace elements and natural stimulants with a balanced 10-10-10 NPK ratio.

Summer Indoor Plant Food: An energy-packed blend of essential minerals and nutrients to accelerate growth through the warmer months.

Your indoor plants will:

  • Increase in size with larger, more defined leaves
  • Develop stronger, thicker stems/branches
  • Become more water efficient
  • Be less susceptible to temperature swings and heat

Key ingredients: Bioavailable calcium, boron, magnesium and kelp.

Autumn Indoor Plant Food: An infusion to nourish, activate and build resilience during the autumn wind-down.

Your indoor plants will:

  • Build proteins more effectively
  • Maximise nutrient uptake
  • Reap the benefits of healthy microflora in the soil
  • Capitalise on extra energy to prepare for winter

Key ingredients: A specialised mix of amino acids for strength, growth and protection.

Winter Indoor Plant Food: An elixir for the darker, cooler months. Boosts photosynthesis and acts like a warm blanket to protect and nurture.

Your indoor plants will:

  • Thrive with less sunlight
  • Tolerate lower temperatures
  • Become more disease resilient
  • Enjoy a healthy dormant period

Key ingredients: A comforting blend of natural chelators, biostimulants and photosynthesis-enhancers.

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