Tillandsia Cyanea – Pink Quill in Planter Bag



Botanical Name: Tillandsia Cyanea
Common Name: Pink Quill

The Pink Quill is a beautifully striking epiphyte or air plant from the Bromeliad family. Its name reflects its distinct bright pink feather-like bracts. The Pink Quill is an easy-care, versatile plant that can grow in soil or bare root (growing in the air). Due to its shallow roots, this air plant mainly collects its moisture and nutrients through its leaves. Mist your Pink Quill regularly, especially if the air in your home or office is particularly dry.

  • Tillandsia Cyanea
  • Modern print fabric and hessian reversible planter bag. Handmade by restore grace. Pot size 15cm (d) x 14cm (h)
  • Pot saucer inside planter bag
  • Plant care guide
  • Printed message card and gift bag (gift option)

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Moderate light to bright indirect light indoors. Tolerates low light.


Moderate - allow the top 3-5cm of soil to dry out between waterings

Pet Friendly